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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grace's Dreamcatcher


          Most of us greet the warmth and excitement of the rising sun as the assurance of a new day. But others wake in the morning after a restless sleep, to a day of darkness – a void that will never again be filled.This is the pain of losing a child. Loss of any kind is traumatic, but the loss of a child is truly devastating. It may be the ultimate loss we humans can ever experience on earth. ... We can try to learn to live with the pain, but such an event alters our lives forever.
                                            – From Growing Up In Heaven: The Eternal Connection
                                                     Between Parent and Child by James Van Praagh

Every time I move to a new place I take Grace's dreamcatcher with me and hang it over my bed. I like to think it protects me from bad dreams or bad somethings – maybe memories of the two of us together that were wonderful at one time but are too painful now to think about. That's probably it.

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th is National Parental Alienation Day

April 25th is National Parental Alienation Day

Father and Daughter

Whenever I see a father and daughter walking together
late in the evening, maybe after the evening meal,
and they're holding hands
and she's telling him about her day at school,