> No More Secrets And Lies: Six Months At Home! - Sept 17, 2009

Monday, November 26, 2012

Six Months At Home! - Sept 17, 2009

After making it to the two-month mark with no major problems, Mary now set her sites on six months. Her self-confidence was improving each day, and the longer she was away from the group home experience, the more she was regaining her ability to trust people again. She'd still call me at work with concerns about homework or to just chat, but she was calling me less and less as time went on. She was also growing more confident each day that no one was going to take her away, abandon her, or try to separate her from me. It was still a struggle to get her to do her chores and homework, however, but she wasn't getting into trouble, and that was huge.

She wanted to know what had happened during the group home experience — from my point of view — because she hadn't been told anything (or told lies). I wanted her to know the truth, and so I told her what I knew about that period of time. I didn't say anything about her mother because I wanted her to have a good relationship with her. But in retrospect, maybe I should have; maybe Mary would still be with me today if I had told her the truth about everyone involved in her two-year experience in the group homes. I would sometimes email her mom to remind her that she should see Mary, but that seldom happened.

Eventually Mary made it to the six-month mark (September 2009), and she was extremely proud of herself for getting this far. The following is an email (with a reply) that she sent to her attorney letting her know about her success.