> No More Secrets And Lies: Mary Comes Home with Dad

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mary Comes Home with Dad

Mary came home with me that day and lived with me for the next year and a half. She did extremely well and was very proud of herself. It was the longest she had stayed in one place in over two years. She was finally home. Her behavior improved immensely, and she went to school like a normal teenager and she hung out with her friends like a normal teenager. And she wasn't getting into trouble anymore. I was extremely happy to have her home and away from the County.

I was furious, however, to discover that she had sat for half a year doing nothing. From the day she left the Forest Ridge group home in Iowa on September 26 of 2008, to the day she came home with me, she sat in shelters without any therapy or treatment of any kind when she could have been at home with her family and her friends going to school like a normal kid. She could have been home, but she sat and waited far from her home, only to have her case dropped the moment the County found out that threatening me wasn't going to make me give her to them.

For all those months, I couldn't be with Mary and she couldn't be with me or anyone else. And other than her lawyer, no one else seemed to care. No one else talked about this forever-lost part of her life. No one else seemed to think it mattered. Would this have been okay if it had happened to their child? I hope not. Is Mary ever going to get this part of her life back? I hope so.

Of all the topics we never discussed, this seemed to be the worst. And at that time this seemed to be the most awful of all their secrets.


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